Character Exercises

Teachers can play a vital role in keeping the ‘good character’ momentum going through character education exercises.

These can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. 


  • Continuously encouraging good behavior- through repetition.
  • Reinforces the message delivered in assembly.
  • Students will learn and understand why they need to do the right thing.
  • You choose the lesson for the week or month.
  • Exercises are grade appropriate.


Choose your grade lessons- click tab on left:

  • Primary K-3
  • Intermediate 4-6
  • Middle/high school 7-12

Suggestions for members of the anti-bullying committee:

When coordinating special event days it’s important that you follow up with teachers on which exercises are being taught.   Repetition is the key: the more they hear and see the message the more likely they are to speak up and report bullying.

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