Kick Off Day

A “Kick off” day- before or after our assembly is a great way to keep the momentum going and to reinforce the understanding of speaking up when students witness bullying. Here are a few ideas:
    • ASSEMBLY Set a day for a school assembly (approx. 30 minutes). Ex. Role Playing – Teachers or anti-bullying committee members or theatre arts class students or student volunteers can perform short skit anti-bullying/ bullying scenarios. These scenarios could demonstrate ex. when students should speak up to teachers; ex. end your school assembly with a theme song.
    • CLASS DISCUSSION Ask questions following the assembly. Ex. Mr. Jordan related oxygen to bullying, how do we take the oxygen away from the bully? How can we demonstrate respect towards other students? What does Complacent mean? What does Complicit mean? If you want authority you must be…? What things can we do to be responsible? What is the difference between tattling, ratting, snitching or telling?
    • CLASS REPORTING BOX  Have each class write bullying words and/or actions on a shoe box. Make a slit in the top of the box. Students can now fill out a slip and report bullying to their teacher.
    • POSTCARD DAY A postcard campaign is a great way to grab attention. Get your students to create postcards on anti-bullying and display these cards in the hallway. After about a month or two mail your postcards to local stores and businesses and ask them place them in high traffic areas. The more postcards you send spreads the word that your school is against bullying.
    • BEADING Beading is fun and provides a way for young people to wear their anti-bullying message in a cool fashion. Beads that have letters are great so students can spell words ex. speak up, stop bullying, I care, respect each other…etc.
    • PUZZLE DAY – each classroom cuts out a puzzle piece (4ft x 4ft).  Each student in the class will right down their name on the puzzle or right down a motivating saying.  Then have an assembly or gathering in the gym, on the Friday or Monday, and link all the puzzle pieces together.  Unifies the school.  Tape pieces to gym walls or hallway.
    • Other:
Make up your own List kick off ideas.  If you have any ideas to share please email us at:
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