This section is to teach children about each other, and that making new friends, isn’t as hard as they think.


  1. Print one page of the “Spot the Difference” sheet (students can work as a class or print out one per child or do with their partner).
  2. Print “buddy worksheet“ one per child. Read to the students the questions from the “buddy worksheet“. Students can draw or write their answer to the right of the question (space provided).
  3. Ask students to write their names on a piece of paper and put into a hat or box (to be used later).
  4. Teachers pull two names from the hat/box. These two students will be partners. They will sit down with their new partner and go over their worksheets and circle their similarities (repeat til all students are paired up).
  5. Monday thru Friday- ask 3/4 pairs to present their similarities. This exercise can be spread over a few weeks
Spot the difference
Buddy Worksheet
Worksheet #2
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