Class Room Exercise

Anti Bullying Classroom Activities and Lesson Plans

Activity – Wrinkled Randy – On a piece of paper, have your students trace an outline of a full body person. Once the outline has been traced, get your students to write unkind, rude, and disrespectful statements all over the outline.   These are statements that could be made to another person like, “You’re a loser, get a life, and you are stupid.”     After Randy is completely filled with many different negative comments, have the participants crumple the drawing, and then un-crumple it.   Explain to the class that these drawings are examples of what negative comments can do to a person who is bullied.  As you noticed you can’t make the paper perfect again. Mean and disrespectful comments can destroy a person’s self image and self esteem. They never forget those words and it always stays with them.

Next have your students do the drawing again.  This time write as many positive comments on the drawing as possible.  Fill it with really nice statements.  Cut this drawing out, but don’t wrinkle it.   Post these drawings around the room.  What is the difference between the two?  Have your students get into small groups and discuss what they can do to create a kind and respectful school environment.

Activity – The glue activity – Ask for a volunteer to come to the front of the room. Place a piece of paper on the table. With a tube of glue, have the volunteer run a bead of glue across the length of the paper.  Now ask the student to put the glue back in the tube.  Obviously, it can’t be done.  This is an example of how hurtful words once spoken cannot be taken back.  Bullies say hurtful words frequently and need to know the impact that their words have on other people.

Have your students get into small groups and discuss what they can do the next time they hear someone being disrespectful to another student. Next have them role play 3 examples of different approaches where they intervene to stop the bully from using mean words to another student. Remember don’t allow for aggressive responses only assert

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