Get Team Together

Leadership teams come under the authority of the school.

Leadership is about getting everyone involved in doing the right thing.

Reducing bullying is like a watch, you need every piece working well for the watch to work effectively. That means that everyone on your leadership team has to have a part to play in leading your school to a safe school environment.

One leadership action can often start a domino effect throughout the community bringing about a positive change with benefits that could have long lasting effects. Your enthusiasm as a leader, when properly demonstrated, will serve to encourage other students in your school to do better.

Below are some steps to develop a strong anti bullying student leadership team:

  • Step 1: A teacher must volunteer to assist students. (The teacher’s role is to overlook the leadership team and to make sure that everyone is on the right track.)
  • Step 2: Announcement to encourage students to join. Make posters advising of this new team. Encourage as many students to sign up and join -there is no limit.
  • Step 3: Set up a meeting and then set regular meeting dates (Monthly). It’s a good idea to have two students as the head leaders and two back up assistant leaders. Discuss the purpose of your team and what is expected. Have every student go over the LEADERSHIP TEAM pages we have designed for you. Ask for input and ideas about how the team can be most effective on strategies of how to eliminate bullying
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