Paper Plate Exercise

This game helps the players get an idea about what good qualities 

other players see in them.

 Give a paper plate to each student in the class.

 On each plate, cut out two holes close to each other

 Put string through the holes and tie it together to make a large 


 Make the plates lie flat on the back of each student and loop 

the string over the head to keep plate in place.

 Get every student to go up to every other student in the class 

and write one nice thing on the plate about them.

 When all students finish writing, remove the plates and read to 

what has been written about them by the others in the class.

Questions to ask students? 

What were their first thoughts when they read their plate? 

What was one word or sentence that was brought up more than 


Were you surprised about what others saw in you?

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