To be the best school in their community, students must show their teachers that they care. One way is by listening.

This exercise will help develop listening skills all the while working towards a certificate. Having a goal or a purpose will help to make students more attentive and determined to succeed.


  • Self Portrait sheet for the girls – Print out 1 for each girl
  • Self Portrait sheet for the boys – Print out 1 for each boy
  • Ear cut outs – 6 pairs/sheet, 1 pair for each student
  • Certificate – One for each student

Ask the students to cut out two ears.
Students color & print their name on the back of the ears.
Put all ears in box (shoe box).
Students draw a self portrait with no ears.
Throughout the week pull out one ear at a time.
When you read out a child’s name that child has to repeat what you had just said to the class. If they repeated what they heard correctly then they put their ear on their portrait.

Once all the ears are on the self portraits, they will bring them home for parents to sign.
When the signed portrait is returned they receive a certificate

Girl Trait
Boy Trait
Ear Out
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