Anti Bullying committee


Our focus at REPORTBULLYING.COM is on behavioral solutions.

If bullying is a symptom of bad behavior we must find a solution and make a serious commitment in correcting this behavior.

One solution is to implement a proactive anti-bullying program. 

One part of our anti-bullying program is to build an ANTI-BULLYING COMMITTEE.  

The committee will be responsible to integrate activities and anti-bullying education character lessons into their daily/weekly/monthly curriculum.

Benefits of a committee:

  • For students – building more confidence in reporting the bullying. Educating on how to create a safe school environment.
  • For Parents – Knowing the school is taking initiative in providing a safe school environment for their children.
  • For Teachers – Will be more knowledgeable in recognizing signs of bullying. Reporting the incidents objectively and measurably.

Goal of the committee:

  • To continuously promote anti-bullying.
  • To continuously educate students, parents, teachers and community on anti-bullying.
  • To provide and maintain a safe school and safe community environment.

Ideas to assemble your members:

  • Send out emails to all teachers and parents announcing this new established committee.
  • Morning announcements that encourage students to join.
  • Posters.
  • Contact the local media-example: an article on your school and initiative taken towards anti-bullying.

Call a committee meeting to review the following:

  • School anti-bullying policies & procedure- what’s in it? Post your Policies and Procedures on your school website. Samples attached or check with your school board for copies.
  • Disciplinary actions for the bully and bystanders/ Procedures on dealing with bullying incidents. (According to your Board of Education policies & procedures)
  • Definition of Bullying. (According to your Board of Education policies & procedures)
  • Reporting incidents- how to & forms for students, parents & teachers. (ex. on-line reporting program) (According to your Board of Education policies & procedures)
  • Rights & procedures for victims of bullying. (According to your Board of Education policies & procedures)
  • School pledge- “We at ________________ School pledge ….” Have the pledge written out and get the committee members to sign.
  • Weekly or Monthly character building/ anti-bullying school events- ex. T-shirt day; hat day.


Name your committee:

______________Anti-Bullying Committee. 
(school name)

Set up a schedule to meet monthly/weekly:

Example 1* First Tuesday of each month _______________________

Committee Leaders from school year: ____________ to ____________

Team Leader:  _________________________

Co-Leader:      _________________________

Attendees:       _________________________

Minutes of meeting/ secretaries:

Create a binder and title:

________________ Anti-bullying Committee and Policies & Procedures.
(school name)

Make copies of the following and put into binder:

  • Policy & Procedures
  • Team members
  • School pledge
  • Monthly Schedule
  • Minutes of meeting
  • Etc.

These are guidelines to building your ANTI-BULLYING COMMITTEE. These are suggestions to assist schools in maintaining a safe school and safe community environment. Please refer to According to your Board of Education policies & procedures.

Sample of anti bullying procedure

Bullying Guide English

Bullying Guide French

Bullying Guide Spanish

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