In-class DVD report bullying program

Firstly- We recommend that teachers view this 10 minute DVD first and then print off the PDF worksheet pages when needed. Each PDF worksheet has been designed for different sections of the bystander DVD and is named in sequence so you will know what to print off for what section of the video.

Next we recommend that you allow your students to watch the full 10 minute video. Then replay and pause the video in the sections that correspond with the PDF exercise worksheet.We believe that this anti bullying video will educate and motivate your students to change their behavior to do what is right. SPEAK UP and report bullying.



To receive this video your school must have purchased our Report Bullying Program

Send us an email (with your email address and school name) and we’ll forward you the direct link to upload video.

our email address is

Click on PDF’s below to open report bullying in class program exercises

Remember to get your video access code and upload your video before using PDF’s above

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